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What good is a company website if no one can find you. This is where the Left Brain meets Right brain.  Both of us compliment each other with hard core technical geeky stuff, while the other is a more creative developer and has you end game in site. Want more business.

Search Engine Optimization is a must today. And it changes from week to week. If the search engines can’t find you, neither will your potential customers, visitors and traffic. We will register your site, show you tricks to increase traffic. How to name your pages, titles and domain so they find you. Meta tags, alt tabs and so on. Call us and we will explain. Most of this can be done for free. Consult with us, and if you elect to do it yourself, you will save yourself a lot of money. Let us guide you at a small fee and get the best of professional help but the cost is minimal. Or, we can do it for you. You rent a programmer and tell us what you need.